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Saturday, June 30, 2007

indomie (part1)

rencananya kan sore mau jalan2 sekalian potong rambut, trus suami telpon dari toko: "klo mu kesini cepet sekarang aja, tapi udah potong rambut langsung pulang lagi ya, kita gak bisa pulang bareng coz bawa anak jadinya gak bisa nunggu sampe toko tutup", ok dech aku bilang (meskipun ga jadi jalan2 gpp)....langsung siap2...emine yang lagi tidur pun saya ganti bajunya and dia pun bangun...meluncur dech menuju centrum (pusat kota) naik dolmus (angkotnya alanya).

sampe di toko, suami telpon ayten kuafor (salon ayten, yang punya salon namanya ayten) nanya apa lagi penuh or not...ternyata lagi ga penuh....mereka nyuruh datang sekitar 15 menitan lagi...kuafor ayten ini salon khusus wanita dan hairdressernya pun wanita, saya udah biasa potong rambut disini...kan ada tuh salon wanita tapi hairdressernya bukan wanita tapi laki2 yang kewanita2an gitu, suami saya ga suka klo saya ke salon yang begitu...

15 menit kemudian datang dech kami ke ayten kuafor, disana ternyata ada sodaranya ayten yang udah lama tinggal di Arab.....kali ini dia yang motong rambut saya karena ayten masih ngerjain yang lain.....nah ternyata sodaranya ini di arab banyak gaul ama orang2 indonesia disana...trus2 dia ngomongin tentang makanan indonesia yang akhirnya indomie pun jadi topik pembicaraan...karena indomie tuh mirip spageti dan spageti tuh termasuk masakan turki yang disebut makarna....hmmm katanya sodaranya ayten ini suka beli indomie berbox2.....entah dikirim dari arab or indonesia, saya ga nanya dan gak terlalu merhatiin pembicaraan mereka, saya ga ikut ngobrol karena bahasa turki saya masih pasif, jadi klo ditanya aja ngejawab dan itu pun hanya beberapa kata, yang bikin saya hepy disini katanya sodaranya ayten mau kasih indomie ke saya dia mu titip beberapa paket indomie di salon lalu nanti suami saya yang ngambil ke situ...mudah2an aja dia tepatin janjinya....coz selama 2 tahun disini saya ga pernah makan lagi yang namanya indomie or mie bungkus indonesia yang begitu......pernah sobat saya vini kirim dari inggris coz di inggris ada toko cina yang jual khusus makanan indonesia....ehhhh kagak nyampe....entah nyangkutnya dimana...buruk sangka dech sama petugas posnya (maaf ya pa pos bukannya nyangka yang bukan2 heheh)...trus saya udah tanya ke KBRI di ankara, kali aja di koperasi KBRI jual indomie, ternyata tidak...yahhh mudah2an dech sodaranya ayten ini tepatin janji....untuk info katanya klo mu beli indomie tuh ada di istanbul (lupa nama restorannya) tapi mahal bo..satu porsi sekitar 60YTL = 37,5 USD (kurs sekarang 1 USD = 1,6 YTL)

pernah sih waktu sebelum saya pergi ke turki, waktu lagi ngurus surat2..pegawe kedubes turki yang orang indonesia nyaranin ke saya supaya bawa indomie banyak2....tapi saya gak dengerin sarannya, coz waktu itu saya pikir pastilah ada yang jual indomie di turki....ternyata wni yang tinggal di turki kan dikit (katanya sekitar 300 orang)...jadi toko cina belum merambah sampe ke turki heheh....jadinya gini dech....missing indomie so much...mudah2an kerinduan ini segera berakhir....hehehhe

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

[info] Top Ten Holiday Resorts and Destinations in Turkey

Top Ten Holiday Resorts and Destinations in Turkey from

1. Bodrum - Halicarnassus




Bodrum, is probably the best resort in Turkey. It is a peninsula in the southwest of Turkey and about 25 minutes drive from Bodrum-Milas International Airport. Bodrum peninsula incorporates Bodrum-center and the small villages of Turgutreis, Bitez, Yalikavak, Gümüslük and Gümbet.

The history of Bodrum goes back to the 6th century BC. It used to be known as
and was one of the important cities of the Caria region. The father of history, Herodotus was born in Halicarnassus around the 5th C BC. One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Mausoleum, tomb of King Mausolus was also built in this city. Today, its foundations are well-preserved. Bodrum's other important historical attraction, St. Peter's Castle was built by the knights of St. John in the 14th C.

Bodrum is famous for its night life and has something to offer everyone from dancing shopping, sunbathing, sailing, sightseeing and feasting.

2. Marmaris

Marmaris is a popular holiday destination for tourists. It is located in the South Western part of Turkey and about 1 hour 20 minutes from Dalaman International Airport.

Marmaris is a well-established and organized resort. It has an excellent yacht marina and the beautiful coastline is surrounded by pine-clad mountains. An Ottoman castle built in the 14th C now overlooks the marina and is the main
historical attraction of the city. The Atatürk National Park is a very popular spot for picnics. Marmaris town, Içmeler and Turunç have beautiful beaches for sunbathers and swimmers.

Marmaris is the place for shoppers. Leather, jewelry and many other souvenir stores are available. Shopkeepers are very welcoming and provide you with apple tea and a friendly atmosphere.

3. Fethiye - Ölüdeniz

Fethiye is one of the popular resorts in Turkey. It is located in the southwest of Turkey and is about an hour drive from Dalaman International Airport. It is surrounded by high mountains and pine forests.

Fethiye, once known as Telmessos dates back to the 6th C BC. It was one of the major cities of the Lycian region in ancient times. Today there is a very well preserved theater with 10,000 seating capacity. The other main attraction is the tomb of Amyntas, a Lycian noble.

Ölüdeniz is probably the most famous beach in Turkey. The blue lagoon sweeps around on its seaward side into a vast crescent shaped sand and pebble beach, all framed by a spectacular backdrop of pine forests and mountains.

Fethiye and Oludeniz together offer their visitors wonderful scenery and holiday atmosphere.

4. Altinkum - Didim


Altinkum or Golden Beach in English is a popular resort for beach lovers. It is located on the West coast of Turkey, 1.5 hour drive from Izmir and Bodrum Airports.

Very close to Altinkum, there is the temple of Apollo which is one of the largest temples of Asia Minor built around 8th C. BC. In ancient times, there was an oracle in the temple who gave prophesies to people. It is a must-see place for history and archaeology lovers!

Today Altinkum offers beautiful beaches, water sports, good restaurants, bars and a good value holiday!

5. Dalyan - Caunos


Dalyan, meaning fishing village in Turkish is a small and unspoiled little town on the Southwest coast of Turkey. It is about 35 minutes drive from Dalaman International Airport.

In ancient times, there was a harbour and a city named Caunos that was founded in the 6th C BC. Caunos was an important city of the Caria region. There are also 4th C BC rock-cut tombs in Dalyan which you can see while
cruising the river by boat.

The main feature of Dalyan is the river with the rustling reeds, home to a variety of fish and birds. The popular mud baths containing sulphur are said to make you look younger and more beautiful. Dalyan is the meeting place of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. It has a long and sandy beach. It is one of the few beaches left on the Mediterranean coastline where Loggerhead turtles lay their eggs.

Part of the famous movie, African Queen starring Humphrey Bogart was also filmed here.

6. Kas - Antalya


Kas is situated in a beautiful bay where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean Sea. It is about 3 hours drive from Antalya Intl Airport. The turquoise water and small white beaches make it an attractive holiday destination.

In ancient times, Kas was known as Antiphellus. The 5m high Lycian Tomb is very impressive and worth visiting. It dates from the 4th C BC and is now the symbol of the town.

The small town of Kas is still largely unspoiled and a great place to enjoy the authentic atmosphere in the local cafes and restaurants.

7. Kemer - Antalya

Kemer has a magnificent setting in a crecent bay and set against a backdrop of the pine forested Taurus Mountains. It is located on Turkey's Mediterranean coast and has become a popular holiday destination in recent years.
It is about 40 mins drive from Antalya Intl. Airport.

Kemer is an excellent base for exploring the ancient city of Olympus. Although very little of the city remains it is well-known for its "eternal flame" where burning methane gas escapes from deep underground. In ancient times this natural phenomenon gave rise to the Greek legend of the Chimaera, a fire-
breathing creature said to live in the area.

Today, Kemer is a well organized and modern resort and offers a great value
8. Kusadasi - izmir
Kusadasi is a popular holiday resort town in Turkey. It is located 90 km south of Izmir on the northern Aegean coastline and about an hour 10 minutes drive from Izmir International Airport.

Kusadasi has an international harbor for cruise liners. The world famous ancient city of Ephesus is very close to Kuþadasý and every year thousands of tourists stop over to visit this magnificent city. In the old quarter of Kusadasi, you can stroll on cobbled streets and see interesting houses built in the Ottoman architectural style.

Kusadasi offers its visitors beautiful beaches such as Ladies Beach, Kustur Beach and Milli Park. There is a great variety of shops and a bustling weekly market, extensive dining options including pubs, bars and cafes.

9. Alanya - Antalya

Alanya is a modern resort situated on Turkey's Mediterranean coast about one and a half hours from the Antalya Intl. airport. It is set between two wonderful beaches and against the spectacular backdrop of the Taurus Mountains.

Alanya played an important role during the 11th and 12th C as a primary port and naval base of the Seljuk Turks. Several well preserved and fascinating buildings remain. The Red Tower, Fortress and the medieval shipyards are well worth a visit.

Today, Alanya has a great deal to offer any visitor, beaches and water sports, history and culture, restaurants, bars and shopping.
10. Side - Antalya
Side is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey about 45 minutes from the Antalya Intl. airport. It is situated on a small peninsula and surrounded on 3 sides by the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean.

This popular seaside town has a unique atmosphere as ancient ruins and quaint cottages stand side by side.

Side offers something for everyone. The magnificent and well preserved ancient theater dates from the the 2nd C AD. It is one of the largest in Turkey and seats over 14,000 people.

Side has a number of beaches and while some offer a variety of water sports others are quieter and provide an ideal getaway. The town's winding alleyways and harbor offer a wide selection of restaurants, bars and small shops packed with beautiful souvenirs.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

[info] Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Turkey from

1. Haghia Sophia Museum - Istanbul

St. Sophia  Church

Haghia Sophia Museum, the great masterpiece of Byzantine art. It was built by Justinian in 6th century AD and is the 3rd church to occupy this site. At the time it was built, it was the largest church in existence. The church was sacked by the Latins during the 4th crusade in 1204 and many of its treasures taken to the west.

When Contantinople (Istanbul) was conquered by the Ottoman Sultan, Mehmet II in 1453, it was converted into a mosque. Since 1936,
by Ataturk's order it has been a museum. The interior is decorated with wonderful Byzantine mosaics from 6th to 13th century AD.
2. Blue Mosque - Sultan Ahmet Camii - Istanbul

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque, Sultan Ahmet Camii is one
of the most beautiful mosques in the world. Its name is derived from the blue tiles decorating its interior. Completed in 1616 by Mehmet Aga, Imperial Architect and one of the students of the great architect Sinan. Its grace and beautiful proportions were intended to reflect the splendour of Islam.  It was the supreme
Imperial Mosque of the Ottoman Empire. The famous blue and green Iznik tiles on the walls are bathed in glorious light that is filtered through 260 windows. On summer evenings there are light and
sound shows in the grounds.


3. Pamukkale - Hierapolis- Denizli

Pamaukkale, CottonCastle
Pamukkale is one of the natural wonders of the world. It is a unique geological formation formed over 14.000 years.  The spring water at Pamukkale has therapeutic qualities and since antiquity has been said to
cure rheumatism, kidney and heart diseases.

Hierapolis, means sacred-city and its history goes back 6th C BC. At its peak the population reached about 100,000. The ruins at Hierapolis cover an extensive area. The theater, Temple of Apollo, Colonnaded Street, Byzantine Gate, Plutonium and Necropolis (Cemetery) are some
of the highlights of the city. The Necropolis has approximately 1000 tombs and is the largest in Asia Minor.

4.Ephesus - Efes

Celcus Library

Ephesus is one of the best-preserved ancient cities in the world with a history dating back the 12 C BC. It was an important trade and religious center. During the Roman period its population reached Approx. 250,000.

One of the seven wonders of the world, Temple of Artemis was in Ephesus. It is also the site of one of the Seven Churches of Revelation. St. Paul lived and preached for about 2 years in Ephesus.

Today it is estimated that between 15-20% of the city has been excavated. Some of the highlights are the Odeon, Celsus Library, Great Theater, Commercial Agora, Terrace Houses, Blue Marble Street, Scholistica baths and Brothel.

5. Cappadocia Region


One of the geological wonders of the world. Cappadocia is a high plateau in Central Turkey  at an altitude of 3270 ft / 1000 m. It lies in a triangle formed by the three main towns of Kayseri, Nevsehir and Nigde. The history of Cappadocia begins 60 million years ago with the eruption of 2 volcanos, covering the area with lava and tufa.

In later periods rain and wind eroded the land and created unusual valleys, canyons and cones. For many centuries Hittites, Assyrian Colonies,Greeks and Romans lived in the region.  Cappadocia is also a very important region in early Christian History. There are over 600 hundred
rock-cut churches built by monks and hermits between the 4th and 11th centuries. In some of these, church walls have been decorated with wonderful frescoes depicting scenes from the Bible.

6. Ancient City of Pergamon  

Temple of Trajan at Pergamon Acropolis

The history of the city starts in the 8th C BC when Aeolian Greek colonies settled in the area. The city was founded on a hill overlooking the Caicos plain. During the reign of Eumenes II in the 2nd C BC, it became one of the cultural and intellectual centers of the day. With the invention of pergamena (parchment) its library grew to rival in size, the great library of Alexandria.

Pergamum was one of the Seven Churches of the Revelations. The famous Roman physician, Galen was born and studied in Pergamum.
The ruins are separated into 3 parts, the Acropolis, Red Courtyard and Asclepion, which was the cure center of Pergamum.

7. Sardis

Sardis was the capital of the Kingdom of Lydia.  It was founded on the banks of the famous golden-bearing river Pactolus. The legendary
King of Lydia Croesus (560-540 BC) controlled most of western Asia Minor and made generous offerings to the temples of Delphi, Artemis and Didyma.

In the 7th C BC the Lydians invented the first coinage in history. They developed methods to extract gold from metal ores. Some of the highlights are the temple of Artemis, one of largest temples in Asia Minor and the Roman Gymnasium complex. Part of the Gymnasium was converted into a synagogue in 3rd C BC. Sardis is one of the
Seven Churches of Revelation.

8. Ancient city of Aspendus - Antalya

Aspendus is located in the ancient region of Pamphylia. According to some experts the earliest settlers of the city were the Hittites.

The name Aspendus is of Anatolian origin. The Greek colonies arrived here around 13th C BC and took over an existing settlement. Alexander the Great claimed the city from the Persians and during the Roman period it was an important port city.

The city was founded on a hilltop and spread down to the plains. Aspendus has one of the best preserved and largest Roman theaters in Turkey. It was built in the 2nd C AD. The city's aqueducts are also well preserved and worth a visit.

9. Commagene Kingdom at Mt. Nemrut

Mt. Nemrut

One of the most spectacular sites in Turkey especially at sunset. Mt Nemrut (approx. 2552m) is an extension of the Taurus mountain range in southeastern Turkey. After the division of Alexander's Empire into three, the Seleucids established the relatively small and wealthy Commagene Kingdom in the region.

In 62 BC, Antiochos I became king of Commagene and developed his kingdom as a strategic crossroad on the important trade routes between Syria, Mesopotamia and Rome. The famous sanctuary was built by Antiochos I for himself as a funerary monument. It is a conical tumulus with a height of 50m and 150m diameter. There are colossal heads of Apollo, Zeus and Antiochos I.

10. Gallipoli Anzacs - Çanakkale

Gallipoli Cemetery
The slim peninsula on the northern side of the Dardanelles has been designated a National Park.

In 1915, Allied warships tried to force their way through the straits with the intention of opening a supply line to Russia via the Black Sea. Allied landings on the Gallipoli Peninsula were finally beaten off by the Turks following bitter warfare.

Casualties were high on both sides and today several war memorials stand in the attractive landscape of pine forests, green hills and pretty beaches.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

[renungan] Filosofi dari Sebuah "Ikatan Pernikahan"

"Semoga Allah SWT menghimpun yang terserak dari keduanya memberkati mereka berdua, meningkatkan kualitas keturunannya sebagai pembuka pintu rakhmat, sumber ilmu dan hikmah serta pemberi rasa aman bagi umat."
(Doa Nabi Muhammad SAW, pada pernikahan putrinya Fatimah Az Zahra dengan Ali bin Abi Thalib)

Filosofi dari Sebuah "Ikatan Pernikahan"

(Sebuah Syair Renungan Singkat Bagi Laki-laki)
Pernikahan atau perkawinan, Menyingkap tabir rahasia ...
Isteri yang kamu nikahi,
Tidaklah semulia Khadijah,
Tidaklah setaqwa Aisyah,
Pun tidak setabah Fatimah ...
Justru Isteri hanyalah wanita akhir zaman,
Yang punya cita-cita, Menjadi solehah...
Pernikahan ataupun perkawinan,
Mengajar kita kewajiban bersama ...
Isteri menjadi tanah, Kamu langit penaungnya,
Isteri ladang tanaman, Kamu pemagarnya,
Isteri kiasan ternakan, Kamu gembalanya,
Isteri adalah murid, Kamu mursyid (pembimbing)-nya,
Isteri bagaikan anak kecil, Kamu tempat bermanjanya ...
Saat Isteri menjadi madu, Kamu teguklah sepuasnya,
Seketika Isteri menjadi racun, Kamulah penawar bisanya,
Seandainya Isteri tulang yang bengkok, ber-hati²lah meluruskannya ...
Pernikahan ataupun perkawinan,
Menginsafkan kita perlunya iman dan taqwa ...
Untuk belajar meniti sabar dan ridho,
Karena memiliki Isteri yang tak sehebat mana,
Justru kamu akan tersentak dari alpa,
Kamu bukanlah Muhammad Rasulullah atau Isa As,
Pun bukanlah Sayyidina Ali Karamaullahhuwajah,
Cuma suami akhir zaman, yang berusaha menjadi soleh ... Amiiin

(Sebuah Syair Renungan Singkat Bagi Wanita)
Pernikahan ataupun perkawinan,
Membuka tabir rahasia,
Suami yang menikahi kamu,
Tidaklah semulia Muhammad, Tidaklah setaqwa Ibrahim,
Pun tidak setabah Isa atau Ayub,
Atau pun segagah Musa, apalagi setampan Yusuf
Justru suamimu hanyalah pria akhir zaman,
Yang punya cita-cita, Membangun keturunan yang soleh ...
Pernikahan ataupun Perkawinan,
Mengajar kita kewajiban bersama,
Suami menjadi pelindung, Kamu penghuninya,
Suami adalah Nakoda kapal, Kamu navigatornya,
Suami bagaikan balita yang nakal, Kamulah penuntun kenakalannya,
Saat Suami menjadi Raja, Kamu nikmati anggur singasananya,
Seketika Suami menjadi bisa, Kamulah penawar obatnya,
Seandainya Suami masinis yang lancang, sabarlah memperingatkannya
Pernikahan ataupun Perkawinan,
Mengajarkan kita perlunya iman dan taqwa,
Untuk belajar meniti sabar dan ridho,
Karena memiliki suami yang tak segagah mana,
Justru Kamu akan tersentak dari alpa,
Kamu bukanlah Khadijah, yang begitu sempurna di dalam menjaga
Pun bukanlah Hajar ataupun Mariam, yang begitu setia dalam sengsara
Cuma wanita akhir zaman, yang berusaha menjadi solehah ... Amiiin

[flashback] KINA GECESİ

KINA GECESİ ini tradisi di turki yang dilaksanakan semalam sebelum pernikahan, tradisi untuk melepas calon pengantin oleh orang tuanya....
klo di indonesia sama seperti adat siraman....
pada acara ini ada 2 model, model 1 bernyanyi2 dengan memasang lilin pada KINA (pacar mekah) yang nantinya pacar mekah ini dipakaikan di tangan calon pengantin, model 2 membacakan puji2an untuk ALLAH dan yang nantinya calon pengantin dipakaikan pacar mekah di tangannya...biasanya acara ini dihadiri para undangan.....

saya kebetulan bukan orang turki tapi keluarga suami ingin mengadakan acara ini, jadi keluarga suami berperan sebagai keluarga saya.... karena kami muslim kami ingin secara islami oleh karena itu untuk KINA GECESİ ini kami memakai model 2, kami membacakan puji2an kepada ALLAH malam itu.....karena saat itu saya belum ngerti betul bahasa turki sedangkan pujı2an itu dibacakan dalam bahasa turki, makanya saya diam saja (hanya mendengarkan).. kata orang biasanya calon pengantin menangis saat KINA GECESİ apalagi dengan dibacakan puji2an seperti itu (tapi saya tidak menangis karena belum ngerti benar bahasa turki  tapi memang terharu mendengarkannya)......saat dimulai acara, calon pengantin dipakaikan kerudung merah transparan...kemudian setelah dipakaikan KINA ditangannya, lalu kedua tangan dipakaikan semacam sarung tangan berwarna merah pula...lalu dibuka kerudungnya (seperti terlihat pada foto)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

[flashback] it is not a dream - ketika saya sampai di alanya

beberapa hari setelah resepsi yang dilaksanakan di bandung saya pun dibawa suami saya ke negerinya.... dari rumah dilepas oleh para tetangga (yang membuat saya terharu, semua tetanggaku datang ke rumah karena mereka tahu klo saya akan pergi ke turki) sampe depan gang....terus keluargaku mengantar sampe bandara cengkareng, ternyata tanpa diduga ani dan lily (teman kerjaku di KM HAKI ITB, tapi lily sudah pindah ke jkt) datang juga ke airport beserta atet dan temannya. dari sana, saya & suami terbang menggunakan emirates airlines, sewaktu pesawat akan terbang, ternyata ada kerusakan teknis.....tapi alhamdulillah setengah jam kemudian kami dapat terbang...pertama transit di thailand hanya beberapa menit jadinya tidak turun dari pesawat....langsung terbang lagi kemudian transit di dubai.....disitu transit cukup lama jadi bisa jalan2 di airport.....kemudian ganti pesawat menuju istanbul.....

ini pertama kali dalam hidup saya pergi keluar negeri dan langsung menetap...cita2 sih ingin pergi ke luar negeri untuk jalan2 (klo punya duit) or sekolah (pengennya dapet beasiswa ke luar negeri) , tapi kepergian saya ke luar negeri ini karena diboyong suami...datang ke alanya turki karena saya menikah dengan yasar yang asal alanya.

dari istanbul kami menggunakan bus menuju alanya yang memakan waktu 15 jam yang waktu itu (april 2005) ongkos per orang 40 YTL.

ketika saya datang ke alanya....keluarga suami sudah stand by di terminal bus alanya, saat itu 2 mobil yang menjemput kami (1 mobil keluarga paman dan 1 mobil ortunya suami)....ketika turun dari bus saya dan suami sun tangan ortunya dan amca (dibaca amja = paman dari pihak ayah) dan yenge (istrinya amca, klo di indonesia = bibi/tante) yang ketika itu ikut menjemput pula, ibu mertua memberi buket bunga....lalu kami pun meluncur ke rumah....

setiap hari tetangga dan kerabat datang silih berganti untuk mengucapkan selamat, dan memberi hadiah...tradisi sama saja sebelum resepsi banyak tetangga datang ke rumah...bedanya dengan di indonesia...klo di indonesia, undangan yang tidak dapat hadir pada hari H maka mereka datang ke rumah hari sebelumnya...klo disini kadang mereka dobel.....datang juga ke rumah untuk memberi hadiah dan nantinya datang juga pada hari H, tapi ada pula yang memang datang ke tumah karena tidak bisa hadir saat hari H....dan klo kerabat jauh or teman keluarga dari jauh...mereka ada yang datang setelah hari H.

dua minggu setelah itu tepatnya 23 april 2005, resepsi pernikahan dengan tradisi turki dilaksanakan di eskilik dugun salonu (gedung resepsi eskilik)...

acara berlangsung dari pukul 9 pagi sampe pukul 3 sore, setelah itu dilanjutkan konvoy keliling kota sekalian menjuju ke rumah...konvoy keliling kota ini memang sudah tradisi, jika ada wedding, acara sunatan, or anak laki2 yang mau pergi wajib militer (asker) pasti dech konvoy yang ngeributin jalan karena bunyi2in klakson sepanjang jalan.  seperti yang terlihat di foto...jika undangan memberi hadiah emas or uang..maka hadiahnya langsung ditempelkan di baju pengantin...dan hadiah itu langsung diumumkan siapa pemberinya....biasanya undangan yang hadir dan memberi hadiah emas or uang, mereka tempelkan langsung, tapi nantinya ada sesi juga untuk penempelan emas or uang yang mana hadiah2 itu diberikan waktu mereka datang ke rumah, dan juga ada undangan yang ingin menempelkannya pada sesi itu, pada sesi diumumkan siapa2 pemberi hadiah dan apa hadiahnya (begitu tradisinya)...misalnya...ibu ini memberi gelang emas kemudian si gelang dipakaikan di lenganku, or ibu ini memberi koin emas (cumhuriyet altin) kemudia ditempel di baju pengantinku or pengantin prianya...or bapak ini memberi uang 20 ytl or berapa ytl kemudian ditempelkan dibaju pengantinku or ditempelkan di baju pengantin pria...begitu seterusnya sampe hadiah pun habis....klo keluarganya keluarga besar...bisa dapat hadiah emas berkilo2..seperti saya nonton di tv ada yang mendapatkan hadiah emas sampe 15 kilo....kasian juga pengantinnya (berat kan semuanya langsung ditempel heheeh)

tv setempat pun datang meliput mungkin karena pengantin wanitanya (gelin) orang asing...gelin juga berarti menantu perempuan....dan beritanya muncul pada atv ana haber (alanya television, berita utama) hari minggu 24 april 2005 pukul 7.30 petang, ....surat kabar setempat mendengar tentang kami lalu mereka pun menulis tentang cerita kami yang terbit tgl 27 april 2005.

karena saat itu masih hangat2nya berita mengenai tsunami di indonesia, jadinya di surat kabar pun ditulis "tsunami gelini " (gelin yang berasal dari negara tejadinya tsunami)...padahal saya kan asalnya dari bandung bukan dari aceh...tapi karena musibah tsunami itu, jadinya indonesia terkenal karena tsunaminya selain terkenal juga karena negara paling banyak mengirimkan jemaah hajinya.

meskipun orang tua saya tidak dapat hadir pada acara resepsi di alanya ini, tapi mereka dapat melihatnya melalui video (VCD) yang kami kirimkan

[flashback] tsunami gelini

yasar akbas and dian sunaryo met in internet......

the place where tsunami was happened, in the countries of south east asia, bride from indonesia came to alanya. agriculture enginer yasar akbas 26 years old from alanya and dian andriany sunaryo which is the same age met in internet and made twice wedding celebration....

yasar akbas, 4 years ago met dian from indonesia in internet. last saturday (23 april 2005) held a wedding in eskilik wedding hall.

during 4 years they were communicate in english and sending letter to each other. this young couple love each other and then they have decision to get married. one in turkey and the other one so far away thousands km in distance.

in the end, bride side (girl side) invite yasar to come to indonesia. 20 mart 2005 yasar went to indonesia alone...exactly come to bandung which is near to jakarta.

then yasar met dian andriany which is the only one child, and met her father (endang efsa sunaryo) and her mother (tien kartini sunaryo).

last 30 march 2005 this young couple made double wedding (1 is akad nikah and other is reseption in 4 april 2005) which was wearing 3 different wedding clothes (wearing white color wedding clothe in nikah and blue and purple in reseption).

sunaryo is a muslim family, therefore their marriage was based in islam rule and by official marriage too. and then 8 april they went to alanya.....

last saturday, once again held a wedding reseption with turkish tradition in eskilik wedding hall, this internet love have a happy ending...yasar said "we made international marriage, i brought bride from indonesia, her place is 6 hours far (so tau banget) from the place where tsunami was happened"...and then they will stay in alanya...

*haber alanya, 27 april 2005*

tradisi lebaran di turki

sebagai muslim, tentunya senang donk dengan momen lebaran....baik lebaran idul fitri (ramazan/seker bayram) ataupun lebaran haji/idul adha (kurban bayram) yang mana tradisi tiap negara dalam merayakannya berbeda2. seperti yang akan saya ceritakan adalah tradisi lebaran di negara turki (karena saya sekarang tinggal di turki).

di turki setiap lebaran, baik ramazan/seker bayram or kurban bayram harus selalu ada permen or coklat dan lokum (turkish delight),  dan juga TATLI (sweet) seperti baklava (dibaca baklawa) or kadayif untuk disuguhkan ke para tamu....tidak seperti di indonesia yang mana di tiap rumah penuh dengan bermacam2 kue dan masakan khas lebaran seperti ketupat dan opor ayam. klo di turki makan saat lebaran sama saja seperti makan di hari2 yang lain.

tradisi yang lainnya sama saja yang tua membagikan angpao kepada yang muda (saya pun masih diberi angpao oleh mertua dan juga oleh suami).....dan tradisi untuk anak2, selain mereka sibuk mengumpulkan angpao dari family nya...mereka pun sibuk mengetuk pintu tetangga2nya dengan membawa kantong plastik (kresek) dengan tujuan untuk mengumpulkan permen or coklat...jadi klo ada anak2 tetangga mengetuk rumah kita, kita siapkan permen or coklat untuk dibagikan pada mereka.....(seperti halnya tradisi hallowen)..

begitu kiranya untuk tradisi berlebaran di turki yang mana hal lainnya masih sama seperti di indonesia seperti saling mengunjungi tetangga dan kerabat....dan tentunya pagi hari melaksanakan solat sunat ied.

Monday, June 18, 2007

alanya vs bandung

bandung is my hometown, i was born and grow there. alanya is the place where i am living now. bandung is beautiful, its true.. it is not because i am asli bandung so i am saying that, but most people who come to bandung will say that sentence.... and alanya, it have nice medeteranian sea scenery, thats why so much tourist like to visit alanya for holiday....apalagi summer time..banjir turis deh...

bandung yang dikelilingi pegunungan otomatis berhawa sejuk, meskipun sekarang agak2 berpolusi  tapi tetep aja beaıtiful euy (*maksa*).....

alanya dan bandung ada perbedaan dan saya rasa ada persamaannya. perbedaanya karena alanya berlokasi di daerah laut, tapi menuju ke arah utara....berbukit2 gitu, dan di alanya pun ada sebuah gunung yang mirip tangkuban perahu, itu saya rasa persamaannya dengan bandung (meskipun beda, tetep weh disama2in) tapi bener lho gunungnya seperti perahu terbailk (maksa lagi hehehe).

di alanya menurut saya yang orang bandung (yg mana di bandung masih terlihat ada sampah di jalan)....disini bersih....trus meskipun banyak perbaikan jalan dimana2 tapi dalam jangka waktu beberapa hari pasti selesai (soalnya alanya kan touristic place jadinya kejar tayang banget, gak enak gitu lho sama turis)

apalagi waktu yasar datang ke bdg tahun 2005 yang lalu (waktu belum jadi suami) di bandung lagi krisis sampah karena pusat pembuangan sampah meledak alias ada tragedi disana jadinya sampah menggunung di setiap sudut jalan (baunya kemana2) wah kesan pertama yang tidak enak untuk yasar.....tapi saya ga mau donk klo dia beranggapan bandung tuh kota yang jorok, jadi sekuat tenaga saya menerangkan klo di bandung sedang ada musibah dan pemerintah kota pun sedang memikirkan untuk pusat pembuangan sampah tersebut....emang bandung bukan kota yang jorok kok

Friday, June 15, 2007

berbicara 3 bahasa dengan anak

kawin campur bukanlah hal luar biasa di zaman sekarang ini, tapi itu adalah hal yang biasa-biasa saja...apalagi dengan adanya internet yang sangat memungkinkan untuk mendorong semakin banyak terjadinya kawin campur

untuk kawin campur ini nantinya yang harus dipikirkan tentang bahasa yang digunakan untuk bicara dengan anak...seperti saya orang indonesia, otomatis saya mengajak bicara kepada anak memakai bahasa indonesia dicampur juga dengan bahasa sunda (karena saya asli sunda:D) dicampur juga dengan bahasa inggris, karena saya dan suami berkomunikasi memakai bahsa inggris jadinya anak juga suka diajak ngobrol bahasa inggris. sedikit2 sih dicampur juga bahasa turki (karena saya baru bisa sedikit bahasa turki). klo untuk bahasa turki....keluarga disini mengajak bicara anak saya memang memakai bahasa turki, karena kami tinggal di turki jadi otomastis bahasa ibu untuk dia nanti emang bahasa turki.......

klo untuk bahasa inggris.....english kan bahasa international...dia juga harus bisa nantinya....sedangkan bahasa indonesia...menurut saya dia harus bisa juga karena dia punya family di indo dan ga semua familinya bisa english jadinya dia juga harus terbiasa dengan bahasa indo..klo untuk sunda sih optional aja....

tapi kadang saya berpikir...kasian juga anak ini harus bisa multilingual sekaligus...dia bingung gak ya???

melihat pengalam orang lain yang kawin campur...emang anaknya diajak bicara bi-lingual or multilingual.....waktu saya nonton berita..di istanbul itu sekarang ada kursus bahasa inggris untuk bayi umur 6 bulan....berarti emang ga ada salahnya mengajak bicara anak dalam berbagai bahasa....mudah2an aja si anak dapat mengerti dan tidak bingung......

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