[flashback] tsunami gelini

yasar akbas and dian sunaryo met in internet......

the place where tsunami was happened, in the countries of south east asia, bride from indonesia came to alanya. agriculture enginer yasar akbas 26 years old from alanya and dian andriany sunaryo which is the same age met in internet and made twice wedding celebration....

yasar akbas, 4 years ago met dian from indonesia in internet. last saturday (23 april 2005) held a wedding in eskilik wedding hall.

during 4 years they were communicate in english and sending letter to each other. this young couple love each other and then they have decision to get married. one in turkey and the other one so far away thousands km in distance.

in the end, bride side (girl side) invite yasar to come to indonesia. 20 mart 2005 yasar went to indonesia alone...exactly come to bandung which is near to jakarta.

then yasar met dian andriany which is the only one child, and met her father (endang efsa sunaryo) and her mother (tien kartini sunaryo).

last 30 march 2005 this young couple made double wedding (1 is akad nikah and other is reseption in 4 april 2005) which was wearing 3 different wedding clothes (wearing white color wedding clothe in nikah and blue and purple in reseption).

sunaryo is a muslim family, therefore their marriage was based in islam rule and by official marriage too. and then 8 april they went to alanya.....

last saturday, once again held a wedding reseption with turkish tradition in eskilik wedding hall, this internet love have a happy ending...yasar said "we made international marriage, i brought bride from indonesia, her place is 6 hours far (so tau banget) from the place where tsunami was happened"...and then they will stay in alanya...

*haber alanya, 27 april 2005*


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