Scammer Cinta Berseliweran di Facebook

Berikut adalah message-message di "other message" yang kuterima dari para SCAMMER.

For you GIRLS and Ladies, jangan sampe termehek-mehek kalau dapat message dari orang-orang seperti mereka ya ;) yang ngaku-ngaku US atau British Army berpangkat dan ganteng...prettt

1. Message dari Jason Thompson, Captain US ARMY (
Hi pretty, you have a wonderful and charming look of which every man that knows the heart of a woman must appreciate and welcome.
I must say that you're an epitome of natural beauty and it seems you're a friendly person, can we be friend? I hope we can be a good friend and it will be my pleasure to receive your mail and email address for us to know each other well.
Do have a pleasant day and GBU. I wait for your reply

2. Message dari Nichole Martin, US ARMY (
Hello dear, how are you, my name is martin nicholejust wanna be friends with this beautiful lady in this profilePlease respond to me if you will like to be my friend. Thanks. martin

3. Message dari
Steven Clarks, Colonel US ARMY (

I cant keep my eyes off ,I personal viewed your profile and could have imagine how long you might have been wanting for something Unique and even special.I know I can Meet,touch,feel,this lovely and hearty profile of yours personally.want to keep in touch with you,I hope you don't mind me knowing you something good about you.I really think this is just an avenue for me to say 'I really feel good writing you this thanks

4. Message dari Gen Willian Caldwell, Brigadir General US ARMY (
Hello Dear,How are you today? My name is Gen.Willian Caldwell,i just saw your profile and it interests me,can we be best of friends? i will like to know more about you. Thanks.

Masih ada dua message lagi tapi udah teridentifikasi sebagai spam jadi messagenya gak muncul, yang satu dari Jack Stulz, dan satunya lagi dari Richard Hogg.

Duhhh ini US Army, masa sih FB-an melulu :P

Pokoknya jangan sampai tertipu ya!!!  Gunakan selalu akal sehat.

Cheers ;)


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