Surat Cinta dari Scammer Cinta

Setelah saya posting beberapa surat cinta dari scammer di blog ini dengan judul postingan Scammer Cinta Berseliweran di Facebook, sekarang pun saya akan memosting satu surat cinta teranyar :D yang mampir di other message FB ku beberapa hari lalu.

kali ini message dari seorang bernama David Scott: 


Hey pretty,
My name is DAVID SCOTT well i am from Irish America, but i reside in British Columbia presently, am not in town due to the nature of my job i am a self Employed contractor of cling and constructing of crude oil steal inside the sea At the Oil Rig Drill Bit. 4ND Series Mud Oil Drill pump ( email address is and i like to get to know you more..I am on here looking for a serious relationship that will be based on trust and honesty..Do u walk out on your man ? Do you Nag?Feel Free to email me and tell me all you can about yourself cos i check my email more often than this also what you are looking for in a relationship... Get back to me asap

saya balas message tersebut dengan kalimat ini: 
 "ke laut aje bang" 

namun ternyata dasar ini orang penipu yang ga tau arti dari kalimat yang saya kirim, dia malah menggebu dengan membalas lagi seperti ini 

well my name is DAVID SCOTT is my middle name... At first it is a little about myself: I'm from Irish America, i know is complicated but am more of Irish . In more details I will tell to you about myself in the following letter if I am interesting to you and you wish to continue our acquaintance!!!I have been hurt before and i have taken the time to heal, but how long will i continue to be scared to give my heart out...Am ready to take the risk again and i know this time i will find true love...Your primary picture is beautiful, do u believe in miracles and faith or u can call em serendipity. I love Vacation,outing with family,beach walk,as well as shopping. I love ladies who enjoy spending time with her family and wants to shar travel,passion,fine OD,intellectual discussion as well as sitting in front of the fireplace and growing old together. My wish here is to get involve in a Serious relationship/marriage,or wish to meet a lady who intend to get married or enter into a long term/serious relationship.I live in British Columbia. u are such a magnificent lady and such are hard to find like this days, not after all have been through. i do not want things like this to happen to anybody. i am expert rate, i am ently in West Africa for network Engineering contract on the Networking of surveying Airport. I am here for serious relationship with which I could create a family. Im very much wish to have a family, to be a loving father and a diligent man in the house. It is my dream! Also I think it will soon come true.. I have seen your profile and you have seemed to me very interesting person. Also would be glad to get acquainted with you more close...If you don't mind, I would love to know more about you...I would love you to tell me more about your self , like what you like and dislike, your ideal man and your personal views about love and life If I though have interested in something please wrtire to me on my e-mail:{ } , !!! here is my cell phone number so i could hear a sweet loving voice of yours+2348059097891. Please do not postpone with the answer, I will wait very much for news from !!!DAVID

masih bersambung... 

babe am here in west African Nigeria for a contract that is why i sent you my African number am here for servicing i am a self Employed contractor of cling and constructing of crude oil steal inside the sea At the Oil Rig Drill Bit. 4ND Series Mud Oil Drill pump (4NB-1400D...

dasar wong edan.....

teman-teman pembaca khususnya cewe single, jangan terkecoh kalo dapat message seperti ini ya.
be smart and confident ;)
gunakan selalu akal sehat

Dian Akbas


  1. Waahhhh.....benar sekali Kak... puluhan email scam jenis beginian, kalau nggak tipe pegawai bank itu, berjejalan di email, untungnya pada nyemplung di spam semua. Klau di facebook sedikit lebih jarang, seingatku pernah dapat dua, tapi dari cewek negro gitu.... thanks for sharing, kakak :)

    1. thanks Sofia sudah mampir dan menulis komen :)
      semoga cewe-cewe single lebih berhati-hati jika mendapat mesage macam begini ;)


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