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Scammer Cinta Berseliweran di Facebook

Berikut adalah message-message di "other message" yang kuterima dari para SCAMMER.

For you GIRLS and Ladies, jangan sampe termehek-mehek kalau dapat message dari orang-orang seperti mereka ya ;) yang ngaku-ngaku US atau British Army berpangkat dan ganteng...prettt

1. Message dari Jason Thompson, Captain US ARMY (
Hi pretty, you have a wonderful and charming look of which every man that knows the heart of a woman must appreciate and welcome.
I must say that you're an epitome of natural beauty and it seems you're a friendly person, can we be friend? I hope we can be a good friend and it will be my pleasure to receive your mail and email address for us to know each other well.
Do have a pleasant day and GBU. I wait for your reply

2. Message dari Nichole Martin, US ARMY ( Hello dear, how are you, my name is martin nicholejust wanna be friends with this beautiful lady in this …